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Online submission is the only way to submit an abstract. Click HERE for Authors Access

AUTHORS INSTRUCTIONS (Papers and posters)

By submitting an abstract, each author agrees to present the accepted contribution (oral or poster) and to register to the event (one registration is required for each accepted paper).



Papers may be submitted for oral or poster presentation. Posters will be introduced in dedicated “flash presentation” sessions.

Abstract: limited to 1 page including tables, figures and references

Extented abstract two to four pages, required for all oral and poster presentations.

Posters and Oral Presentations: the format required will be indicated to authors in due time.


Abstracts content and selection process

The content of the abstract must address one of the 6 topics of the symposium:

  1. Methods of production of cement-waste forms

  2. Physico-chemical processes occurring in cement-waste forms at early age

  3. Emerging and alternative cementitious systems

  4. Influence of internal factors on long-term properties of cement-waste packages

  5. Influence of external factors on long term properties of cement-waste packages and cement barriers

  6. Monitoring of cemented waste packages and cement barriers

The selection in oral and poster sessions will process the relevance of the subject with the aforementioned topics. Sufficient details must be included in the abstract for reviewing.


Conference topic-lines and sessions

The definitive conference topic-lines and related sessions will be specified after the peer-review.



All submissions must be in English.


Author responsibility

It is the responsibility of the author to get all internal reviews and institution approvals prior submission.



The extended abstracts will be published in the conference external device.



The template is the same for the abstract and extended abstract [oral and poster selections].The abstracts and extended abstracts must be submitted in pdf format. It is the author’s responsibility to check the pdf version of the paper to ensure proper final use (in particular check the “embed all fonts” option).


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